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Alan Tong
J. Hawkins
RC Website Links

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The internal links to contributors to this site can be found below:
Name PIC Project
CatsEyes 12F629/675 PIC Tilt N Klik, CatCam
DenverDave 12F629/675 Aiptek Camera Switch
Ironsides 12F629/675 PIC IronCams
RC-CAM 12C508C + 12F629/675 PIC Aiptek, Mustek, Sony Cams, LandTastic
Michele Schieppati 16F629 PIC Generic Switch, Navigation Lights
TugBoat 12F629/675 PIC ESC
Wild Moose Analog Aiptek Switch
ZagisRule! 12F629/675 + 16F628 Generic Switch

Stefan's Electric RC Web Site: http://www.capable.ca/rcstuff/

My RC Groups Web Site Control:  https://rchomepage.com:2083/frontend/Xskin/index.html

Mr RC Groups Web Site:


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