This section tells of my travels before I met David and began to travel together with him.  

I went to Italy in 2002 with my painting class and its teacher from Florida Community College at Jacksonville. We were in Rome, Florence, Venice, Arrezzo, Spoleto, Sausalito, Capri, and Rome again.    

Then there was Greece in 2003 with three other teachers from the Community College, where I taught as an adjunct.   We began in Athens, within walking distance of the Acropolis, the Agora, and Hadrian's Library. We traveled to Euboia, to Delphi, to Rhodes, and back to Athens.  

'Gourmet Catalonia' beckoned in 2008 with Kathy Cary, a Louisville chef and restauranteur.  This was a short, eight-day trip of five-star restaurants, numerous elegant wine-tastings, and marvelous small inns.  There were cooking classes and we also visited a small sausage making factory as well as  the Costa Brava, famous for its sardines and anchovies.  Salvadore Dali's museum in Figueres
was a high point for me.  The jewelry he made was absolutely beautiful.  

My 'Odyssey to Oxford' took place over three successive years, 2011, 2012 and 2013, under the aegis of the University of Michigan.  Each year there was a course of study.  The first was a look at the two William Morreses, the auto industrialist and the artist/reformer.  How each man reacted to the industrial revolution formed a pivot for our study.  But because of the interesting, productive, brilliant men themselves and their thought and action that nexus became almost superfluous.  There was a lot of emphasis on the Arts and Crafts Movement and its genesis with William Morris.   In the second year, our study centered on the history and philosophy of gardens over the centuries and ended with the arts and crafts gardens of Gertrude Jekyll. The third year, I had a chance to study the arts and crafts movement as it moved from England to Europe and to the US.  Each one of these trips included classroom and field trip exposures.   

I visited Israel when I was studying Judaism.  I went with a group led by two Rabbis.  Oy Veh!

Turkey was a special trip.  I went with a Louisville couple who owned a shop of mainly Turkish textiles and bibelots.  Their twice yearly trips over more than a dozen years provided excellent contacts in Turkey.  

Independent Paris with Road Scholar began with eight wonderful days in Paris.  This was followed by ten more days of driving around Normandy with an acquaintance.    We stayed in lovely places and enjoyed the countryside and its history.  

The Barnes Collection with Road Scholar to Philadelphia was only four days, but very well planned and wonderfully well enjoyed.  

My singledom started to dissolve when I went to Spanish Andalusia with Road Scholar to study Spain in its Golden Age.   There I met David.  From there our alliance began to form its own golden age.  

In mid-2014 I went with Road Scholar to The Netherlands to study the  Dutch Masters.  Having studied this period and its culture in times past, I really enjoyed the museums and lectures provided by this trip.   It was my Single Swan Song.

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